What is the difference between the SucCeS system and the rest of the market?

The SucCeS system consists of a combination of 7 basic pillars which constitute the key factors for professional success in the Real Estate market.

Through REC | Real Estate Career you will see that the dynamics of SucCeS is due to the equal distribution of resources in each pillar. Although we may find Real Estate professional development systems in the market, most of them focus on fewer areas, which makes them vulnerable to competition.

Why SucCeS;

Why the numbers tell the truth

  • 100% Exclusive Deposit

    100% of the properties we take on are exclusively commissioned, which helps us stay ahead of the competition!

  • 2 times more Efficient Marketing Plan

    A key pillar of SucCeS success is the Marketing 22+ plan 5 different ways of promoting each property, in a market where a maximum of 10-12 ways of advertising some properties are usually applied!

  • 4 times faster Sale

    The average time to sell a property (Days On Market) through SucCeS is 60-120 days, while the competition ranges at 240+ days!

  • 9 times more Effective Selling

    Using SucCeS we reach the List to sale conversion rate of +48%! Note: the M.O. of the index on the whole market does not exceed 5%!

  • Networking that... It works!

    55% of transactions come from partnerships and referrals within & outside the office or team!

  • Highest Sale Price of the Property

    By applying SucCeS, we help our clients to get up to 92% of the asking price for their property, with a corresponding benefit for us!

*Based on company statistics for 2021


#1 Network Real Estate Services!

The Right Agent Every Step of the Way

RE/MAX Metron | Halkidiki
3 Offices | 20+ Associates
RE/MAX Hellas | Greece
75 Offices | 950+ Partners
RE/MAX Europe | Europe
40+ Countries | 2,200+ Offices | 26,000+ Partners
RE/MAX International | Worldwide
5 Continents | 115+ Countries | 8.300 Offices | 129.000 Partners
  • #1 Global Network

    5 Continents | 115+ Countries | 8.300 Offices | 129.000 Partners. The numbers speak for themselves and show us that RE/MAX International knows the global Real Estate market very well

  • #1 European Network

    With a presence in 40+ Countries, 2.200+ Offices and 26.000+ Partners in Europe, RE/MAX Europe is leading the way for new developments in the European real estate market

  • #1 National Network

    With 72+ Offices and 950+ Associates nationwide, RE/MAX Hellas is pioneering and creating the new culture in Greek Real Estate

  • Halkidiki Association of Real Estate Agents

    The dynamic participation of both the Brokers and the partners of RE/MAX Metron in the association of brokers of Halkidiki is the basic prerequisite for our own development and that of Real Estate in Halkidiki.

  • Office Network

    With 2 Brokers, 5+ administrative staff and 15+ associates at RE/MAX Metron we are growing our internal network of professionals creating successful economies of scale for each of our associates.




Customer satisfaction

  • Secretarial support

  • Managers education

  • Productivity coaches

At RE/MAX Metron we are creating the Metron Training Academy.

With specific training Managers, each new Real Estate Consultant knows from the beginning and in a solid way how the real estate market works and how to excel.


With a team of professionals, both in-house employees and external partners, we are able to support each new partner to focus on what they know best… selling the property!

  • Secretarial support

    Meaningful secretarial support means the ability for each partner to devote their productive hours exclusively to their work and not to secondary issues such as filing, answering phone calls, etc.

  • Productivity Coaching

    Time and situation management is one of the keys to working in real estate. At RE/MAX Metron a professional Productivity Coach will be close to you, in order to guide you, especially in your first steps, in the right time and case management so that your time is really productive.

  • Listing Co-ordinator

    The Listing - Coordinator is there to coordinate the movement and management of all properties for sale or rent at RE/MAX Metron. Supports each Property Advisor in the proper marketing of the portfolio of properties owned and communicates when necessary with owners, handling small and large property issues.

  • Technical Support

    With a team of professionals, available at any time, RE/MAX Metron is ready to provide technical support in various types of technical work for the properties that come under our management. Thus, each Property Consultant is able to offer immediate solutions to each property owner if the house needs technical work in order to "go on sale".

  • Tax Support

    Many times real estate transactions find obstacles in tax issues and are delayed from days to months. With the immediate, accurate and timely support of a tax accountant, specialized in real estate issues, we solve these problems by accelerating the purchase and sale process.

  • Legal Support

    In an ever-changing legal environment, especially in the real estate sector, the legal support provided by RE/MAX Metron is the key to the correct and efficient completion of any transaction.

  • Processing Department

    And after the down payment What...? The person in charge of the processing department is responsible for coordinating the entire process up to the day of signing the purchase contract, thus allowing each advisor to take care of their clients and not the paperwork.


Intranet & CRM for Partners

Each partner gets personalized access to the CRM property management system.

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Online Support & Education

We are constantly creating and adding educational material such as digital video lectures providing the possibility of continuous training through platforms such as Zoom & GoToMeeting.

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RE/MAX Metron WebSite

We are constantly managing and upgrading our main website so that every user has the best possible experience.

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Internet for Customers & Visitors

We are constantly creating and adding educational material such as digital video lectures, providing the possibility of continuous education.

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Information & Information Platform Education RE/MAX Mainstreet

We are constantly creating and adding educational material such as digital video lectures, providing the possibility of continuous education.

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Social Media Channels

Our presence in Social Media is daily, thus providing a permanent contact with our regular Followers and creating a basis for new ones.

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Marketing & Communication are key pillars for RE/MAX Metron. They are the most important axes on which actions and activities are planned on a yearly level, with monthly adjustments.

marketing director

We operate with an annual Marketing Plan, in cooperation with the Marketing Director of the company.

Centralised marketing

We follow and implement specific actions through RE/MAX Europe

digital marketing

Social Media | Direct e-mail | Newsletter | Google Ads | Google Ads
Google My Business |

are some of the daily actions.


With our online newspaper we reach a wide range of stakeholders with the aim of systematic information.

Marketing Tool Kit

Each partner has access to a set of marketing tools such as brochures, cards, personalized videos, etc.

Nationwide Advertising

We participate in nationwide television, print and social media advertising activities through RE/MAX Hellas.


  • Career days

    The career days are for RE/MAX Metron and every partner, the first point of contact and communication of a long-lasting and often long-lasting cooperation. At these events, both RE/MAX Metron's Brokers and partners welcome new and ambitious prospective partners in order to explain to them first of all the values and culture of the company.

  • Weekly meeting

    Weekly meetings are part of a dynamic planning process where each partner shares the concerns and events of the week. The purpose of the meeting is both to align all of us in a common purpose and to enable each partner to propose and contribute with their knowledge and experience to the development of our work.

  • Exhibitions

    Our participation in local, national and international real estate exhibitions is a "constant" of RE/MAX Metron. Our purpose of our participation is to promote our properties to prospective buyers, to open up to new markets and to strengthen our network. Our participation in exhibitions is one of the most powerful tools that every new partner can have.

  • Social responsibility

    We are always close to the local community, with responsibility, supporting the place where we operate with all the means we can. Being active in the area where we live and work, we want our clients to be sure that we look them in the eye as people and our main interest is the right and constructive human relations and contacts.

  • happy hour

    The motto "Business and Pleasure" is now an axiom in the RE/MAX Metron team and following it, the Happy Hours between us are regular and very refreshing.

  • Group events & excursions

    We stand by our colleagues and their families. We believe that a workplace cannot and should not be alienated. So in regular periods like Christmas we organize our own events for our partners, trying to be close to them.


Ease of assignments

Reaching new clients becomes easy at RE/MAX Metron and assigning property even easier



All of us at RE/MAX Metron may come from different backgrounds, but we are united for the success of our work.

We dare the different!

It is important that each piece creates a complete picture!

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Higher wages

High productivity must be linked to higher wages. This is what makes every new partner trust RE/MAX Metron

Because we can!

Collaboration and overall promotion of our properties is the secret to higher sales.

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RE/MAX's "balloon" is the #1 Global Awareness Brand in Real Estate


We earn the trust of our customers.



As each client is unique according to their needs, we must provide unique "Tailor Made" services to each Seller or Buyer of real estate.


We want to be unique both in our commercial activities and in the overall image of our company.

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